SAGE by Heston Blumenthal Citrus Press - Silver, Silver

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Top features: - Get more juice from your fruit with the quadrafin cone - Thorough juicing with even pressure from a triple-hinged handle - Fruit cup and filter prevent sticky fingers and create smoother juice Get more juice from your fruitAble to juice all the way down to the rind on any citrus fruit, the Sage by Heston Blumenthal Citrus Press helps you get the most out of each piece of fruit you use.Whether you're working with limes and lemons or oranges and grapefruits, its quadrafin cone uses its unique shape to make sure most of the juice is extracted.Thorough juicingAn innovative triple-hinged arm on the handle ensures downward pressure is maintained during the entire juicing process. Preventing mess and waste, two sensors ensure the cone only spins when your fruit is in position.Fruit cup and filterForget about sticky fingers - the Sage Citrus Press features a pull-down lever and fruit holding cup, so you don't have to hold the fruit down to speed things up. Enjoy smoother juice with a filter that prevents large pieces of pulp from getting through.