How do I order a product?

Click the “Go to offer” button, it will take you to the product offer on the retailer’s site, where you will purchase the product directly. Add it to your basket, enter any discount code you may have and proceed to the checkout.

How do I avoid mistakes in placing an order?

The best way to avoid such mistakes is to ensure you choose the right options i.e. colours, sizes etc. where available. Also, be sure to provide the correct delivery address and your correct email address where required.

Is it possible to pay via PayPal?

A number of retailers allow Paypal payment, whilst some don’t. Click on the product offer and you will be directed to the product on the retailer’s site. You will see the available payment options when you proceed to the checkout.

How often do you update the prices on your website?

The majority of items are checked every few minutes and updated. Why does a product’s price on your website differ from the retailer site? This could be either because 1) there is a voucher code available which must be entered at the checkout or basket before the correct offer price is displayed, or 2) the retailer has changed the price. Our prices are checked every 30 minutes on popular items.

What if I have a problem with an order?

Should you have a problem with your order, the best option is to contact the retailer regarding your concerns.

Can my order be shipped internationally (outside the UK)?

This depends entirely on the retailer. Some will offer international shipping, whilst many do not. Follow the checkout process on the retailer’s website to see if they offer that option, otherwise contact them.

What is a discount code?

Discount, voucher or promotional codes give you extra discount when purchasing an item from a retailer. Enter the code where the store specifies, at a basket or checkout.

Is using a discount code lawful?

Yes, it is. The retailers themselves supply the codes.

How do I know when a code will expire?

Should you have a problem with your order, the best option is to contact the retailer regarding your concerns.Just visit any product page, we try to confirm code expiry dates in the offer information.

How is a discount code used?

Simply add them at the basket or checkout, depending on the retailer. There is usually a box labelled 'promotional code', 'voucher code, 'discount code' or similar. You may be asked to update your cart after entering the code.

What can I do if a link to a retailer isn't working?

Often this can be solved by deleting your browser cookies. If this fails, please Contact Us for more support.

Why do I get an error message or 'product not found' on the retailer site?

The product may be out of stock. Please contact the retailer directly.

Why do you still have items that the retailer no longer has?

Though we frequently check product availability, products which have ‘limited stock’ are only available in a few physical stores. Therefore, we may be unaware of the specific locations unless the retailer specifies. In any case, when a product is completely out of stock, it is removed from our site. Please also bear in mind, some retailers (such as Argos) may require you to enter your area postcode to check for product availability in your location.

What guarantee do I get for the products I buy?

Should you have a problem with your order, the best option is to contact the retailer regarding your concerns.Most stores give adequate guarantee for the products you purchase from them. Please read their guarantee conditions or contact them for more information.

For anything else, please contact us here.